MIB welcomes Ageas on board

Following the expansion of the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) last year to include travel insurance claims, MIB is pleased to welcome Ageas as a subscriber to the new database platform in the UK which helps the insurance industry tackle claims fraud.

CUE’s centralised database holds more than 35 million records for claims and notifications across motor, home and personal injury/industrial illness. CUE was expanded into the travel insurance category in order to strengthen the industry’s position in the fight against travel insurance fraud. CUE Travel is the first central database for insurers who subscribe to have visibility of all personal travel insurance claims and notifications.

Responding to Ageas’s on-boarding, Anna Fleming, chief operating officer at MIB, said, ‘We’re pleased to welcome Ageas as an official subscriber to the CUE Travel platform. By working together and sharing quality travel insurance claims data, the industry will be in a better position to identify and combat fraud, and, in the long run, make vital improvements to customer journeys.

‘We encourage other insurers to make use of the new travel platform, which allows for greater visibility of events and claims relating to a policyholder, putting them at an advantage when it comes to tackling fraud.’

Robin Challand, claims director at Ageas said, ‘The true value of insurance is being able to support customers in their hour of need by paying their claim and making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. However, our experience in the travel insurance market tells us that not all claims are as they seem.

‘In recent years we have seen an increase in fraudulent claims for personal belongings, missed departures and holiday cancellations. With the addition of systems like CUE Travel, we can more easily identify cases of attempted fraud, saving us time and money and enabling us to keep premiums competitive for our customers.’