MG Cannon engages students

MG Cannon has continued its mission to support the local community by engaging and providing an interactive presentation to students at Sarum Academy.

The move is part of MG Cannon’s involvement with Work Wiltshire and the government funded initiative Enterprise Adviser Network. Following the time spent with the academy some of the students requested work experience placements with the business.

Juliet Harris, group marketing coordinator, MG Cannon, said, ‘Being part of the network gives us a chance to engage with local schools and students directly, giving us an opportunity to promote the automotive industry and explain the exciting and rewarding career choices available at MG Cannon, rather than the student assuming that a mechanical or technical path is the only option. We engage students in our various apprenticeship routes, showcasing our training offer, state of the art equipment, how they will be working on the very latest cars using the latest products and technologies.’

Now established with Work Wiltshire (covering our Westbury and Salisbury sites), MG Cannon is looking to partner with Dorset and Devon Network to build relationships with its Dorchester and Plymouth sites.