Lookers launched female apprentice network

Lookers launched its first ever Female Apprentice Network.

The network was launched at Pirelli by female apprentices from across the Lookers dealership network. The new network will allow women to share experiences, ambitions and learning as they work to complete their training and begin a career in the motor industry.

The launch of the network will involve regular opportunities for the apprentices to meet up as well as share their experiences on social media as a way of supporting their ongoing development.

This follows the announcement by Lookers during last month’s National Apprenticeship Week that it is recruiting 160 new apprentices in 2018 and is working to double its intake of female technical apprentices.

The launch venue was chosen as tyres and tyre changes are a vital part of the Lookers technical apprenticeship training programme and also saw four members of the network treated to a tour of the facility by key members of the Pirelli team.

Network member Kirsty Pickering from Newcastle Audi said, ‘I enjoyed meeting other female apprentices, getting to know them and learning about how we can support each other. Lookers is keen to support female apprentices across the business and you can really feel that in the welcome that we have all had, the value that has been placed on our skills and some of the social elements of the course. The launch of the Female Apprenticeship Network helps to bring all of this together.’