Lookers and Nacro team up

Lookers North East Repair Centre has teamed up with Nacro, a social justice charity, to inspire disadvantaged young people into the workplace.

The site welcomed a group of young people with the aim of encouraging them back into education and training. Led by David Morallee, head of business at the site, they received a VIP tour of the facility, including insights into the alloy wheel repair centre, vinyl department and workshop areas.

Nacro have over 50 years’ experience of making an impact on the lives of underprivileged people across the UK. Last year, through education and support, Nacro helped over 38,000 disadvantaged young people and adults change their lives for the better.

On their visit the group were shown the state of the art equipment and skills used in the Alloy Wheel Repair Centre and workshop areas to ensure cars are maintained to the highest standard. They also had a chance to find out more about the work that goes into getting the cars ready for sale, seeing car vinyls being made in the Autographics department.

The team also spoke to the young people about their own training paths, what it takes to work in the motor industry and what they love about their jobs, as well as answering questions from the captivated group.

David Morallee, head of business at the site said, ‘It was a pleasure to show these young people around the Accident Repair Centre and to give them the chance to find out more about the different elements of working in this sector. The work that NACRO are doing to help disadvantaged people is life-changing and we’re pleased to be a part of that.’