Launch of new EV website, an advice and information website to help UK dealers and car makers achieve growth in the electric vehicle segment was launched.’s goal is to unlock consumer confidence in EVs and hybrids by providing a source of independent advice and information on electrified vehicles available in one place.

Created by automotive publisher, Dennis Automotive, will also showcase the latest products from the biggest brand names supporting, building or selling electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK.

‘We believe the electric vehicle market in the UK is on the cusp of a breakthrough, if only consumers can easily find the right information to help their car-purchase decision making,’ said Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of

‘Motorists have so far been bombarded with a confusing mix of negative stories or enthusiastic noise and hype when they really need clear, impartial, understandable information to help them make sensible choices. is designed to provide a single source for that.’

Recent research by Dennis Automotive revealed a major appetite for ‘straight answers’ to a wide range of questions from consumers who said that existing information around electric vehicles was either too specialist or often biased towards the high end of the market. will offer reviews, advice and news, focusing on facts, while avoiding jargon. Where personal circumstances point away from electric as the right choice, advice will be provided on the best alternatives.