ITV journalist hosts RMI dinner

The RMI held its annual dinner at the InterContinental London Park Lane last night, where chairman, Peter Johnson, spoke to guests about the importance of Brexit negotiations ending with tariff-free terms of trade for the greater good of the motor industry.

Peter said, ‘Whilst we have been part of the EU, we have become accustomed to frictionless and tariff-free trade between the UK and the other countries of the EU. It has meant that automotive parts can be delivered quickly from wherever they are made or held in stock and vehicles can be ordered and transported across borders in minimal time.

‘Considering the automotive sector provides direct employment for over 800,000 people, it is essential that the government makes a commitment to outline a clear and beneficial deal in order to ensure our industry has what it needs to secure its future success.’

The guest speaker of the night was political editor, Robert Peston, who avidly linked the 2008 recession to voters choosing to opt out of the EU. What he found most astonishing about Brexit was the number of poor voters who felt successive governments were ignoring them and wanted change, which they felt would happen if the UK left the EU.

Robert ended his interesting speech with stating his belief that Brexit negotiations would not end in a no deal situation, mainly for the fact that the House of Commons ‘is not moving in that direction.’