Insurethebox sponsors Road Safety Conference

insurethebox will sponsor the 10 annual National Road Safety Conference, demonstrating its long-standing commitment to tackling road safety issues.

insurethebox joins other organisations with a mission to understand how risks to road users can be minimized, or even eliminated – and has worked relentlessly to improve road safety by targeting young motorists’ driving behaviour. At this year’s National Road Safety Conference, insurethebox will be sharing the outcomes of several initiatives it has undertaken to tackle one of the biggest risks for young drivers – speeding.

The focus of this year’s conference is ‘things that went wrong’. Guest speaker Dr Shaun Helman will discuss a Learn to Drive initiative that had very little impact upon young driver safety. Deirdre O’Reilly, head of social research and behaviour change at Highways England, will discuss the importance of negative results and how they are used in the mission to improve Road Safety.

insurethebox advocates a proactive communications programme to help young and inexperienced motorists understand the risks of poor driving. A key example of this is a proactive anti-speeding programme to help those who speed to understand the risks and, therefore, modify their behaviour.

In the last year, this programme has seen speeding incidents among the highest risk drivers drop by 15%. The biggest reduction in speeding has been seen in 17-year olds who, on average, reduce their speeding frequency by 20% as a result of the insurethebox initiative. This has reduced accidents within this group by 5%.