Industrial EV market big business

Electric vehicles for construction, agriculture and mining will be a $87bn market in 2028 according to a report from IDTechEx, Electric Vehicles for Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2018-2028.

The report from IDTechEx explains the industrial EV market and offers detailed forecasts, comparisons and assessments. It shows how mines will electrify much more but only after the current bust period of the boom-and-bust that characterises this industry. It shows why the ubiquitous tractor in agriculture will, at last, be electric in volume quantities by 2028 and how new forms of vehicle design are coming.

Benchmarking from the 46 categories of electric vehicle that IDTechEx forecasts, the report explains what new technologies will arrive and why. Supercapacitors, new power components, greater modularisation and integration will transform this industry. The report draws on interviews and results of many recent conferences on these sectors.