Ignorance and bad habits could cost

According to a recent survey from Alliance Global Assistance UK, there are many rules motorists are unaware of or simply do not follow that can cost heavy fines and points on their license.

Allianz Global Assistance UK found that 61% of motorists surveyed aren’t aware that the rules surrounding babies and children in cars changed last year. A driver could be fined up to £500 if a child under 14 isn’t in the correct car seat or wearing a seat belt, including new-borns who must be transported by car in a baby carrier.

Speeding is a rule of the road everyone knows, but 64% of those surveyed didn’t know that driving too slowly is deemed as ‘careless driving’ and could also earn them up to up to nine points on their licence and a fine.

In terms of road rage, 41% of people surveyed admit to expressing their frustration at other road users through swearing. However, if caught swearing verbally or by using gestures, police could fine a driver up to 75% of their weekly income.

Finally, anyone caught eating, drinking or even putting on makeup at the lights could also be penalised for ‘careless driving’, getting up to nine points on their licence. Nearly half (49%) of respondents admitted to these activities whilst driving, which could be a costly fix.

The new research highlights motoring laws many British motorists are unwittingly breaking, which could earn them points on their licence, incur a fine or see their car being confiscated.