IAM RoadSmart tackles pothole problem

A survey conducted by IAM RoadSmart has found that its members are increasingly disillusioned with the state of the roads in the UK – and feel the government is not doing enough to tackle the problem.

The survey of more than 7,000 IAM RoadSmart members found that the majority think that UK roads have become much worse in recent years, that there are many more potholes than ever before, and that they must swerve to avoid potholes on every journey.

Some 47% – over 3,400 respondents – say they have experienced damage to their car, commercial vehicle, motorbike or bicycle or personal injury because of hitting a pothole.

Around 90% have spotted a deterioration of some level in the roads they use with just over 50% rating the state of their roads as ‘much worse’ in the past three years and 38% rating them ‘worse.’

Over 56% say they must take avoiding action on every journey to dodge potholes, while 27% say they have to steer around a pothole every day.

Mike Quinton, chief executive officer of IAM RoadSmart, said, ‘The figures from our survey are compelling and it is increasingly clear that those who use the roads on a daily basis are pretty much united on this one – enough time has now passed for a long-term plan to be in place and for work to have started. As our survey has shown, this is now the motoring public’s number one priority.’