IAM Roadsmart bikers train in Nepal

IAM RoadSmart’s Scott Tulip and Pete Doherty have completed the project of passing on their motorbike training skills to other bikers in Nepal.

Scott Tulip and Pete Doherty, both area managers for the charity were contracted to deliver the training as part of a two-week project by The Ghurkha Welfare Trust.

The pair had the brief of ‘teaching on and off-road training’ to the group of 12 students, starting with the basics of road safety training, called IPSGA – information, position, speed, gear, acceleration. It forms the basis of advanced driving and riding here, and has no less importance in Nepal.

Scott said, ‘The idea is to ensure they are getting it right by skill rather than luck so we will have a theory session then it’s a case of putting into practice which is the key to any effective training. They are, rightfully, a proud nation and proud of their country. We need to engage with care and not be condescending or disrespectful to them or their nation.’

The trainees were given a comprehensive session on repair and maintenance techniques – which unlike the UK involves not only getting hold of the right tools but having them made especially.

The team took part in comprehensive on and off-road training; some of the off-road training involved riding through riverbeds, gravel and mud tracks.

The end of the trip saw Pete and Scott assessing how much their students had learned and progressed. The next stage would involve them training each other and then passing this training down amongst the ranks.