Hpi announces best hybrid buys

Hpi have drawn up a list of the best petrol hybrid picks for buyers considering a used model.

Registration volumes in the petrol hybrid sector have grown by 30.9% between Oct 2017-2018 and account for 3.8 per cent of all motoring registrations, according to SMMT vehicle data.

hpi’s analysis looked at petrol hybrid vehicles at two years old and 20,000 miles. The Toyota Prius holds 69.4% of its value after two years and loses around £8,000 on average. The Lexus LC comes a close second, holding 68.4% of its value over the same period and the Toyota C-HR retaining 67.2% of its average new price. 

Commenting on the study, Chris Plumb editor from hpi said, ‘The popularity of hybrid cars continues to grow and they are becoming increasingly more visible on the UKs roads. All the major manufacturers have embraced hybrid technology and are producing vehicles to meet the demand for both commercial and personal use. Although still relatively expensive to buy outright, the benefits of driving a hybrid including economy and environmental advantages, are beginning to make drivers think twice about investing in a used vehicle. High mileage and poor condition examples should be avoided as they are a turn-off to second hand buyers. Finally always make sure you pick a vehicle with a full service history.’