GT redesigns Estimate

GT Motive has released the latest version of GT Estimate, its cloud-based graphical estimating system, and has revealed more details of its plans to bring choice and competition to the UK repair industry.

GT Estimate has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver ‘the freedom to estimate’ on any device all from the same unique user login.

‘Our programming and user experience teams started with a blank canvas and created a completely new interface designed to maximise usability and reduce the time it takes to estimate vehicle damage,’ said Richard Taylor, UK business director for GT Motive. ‘Whether you’re estimating from behind your desk or from the hand, GTE is a pleasure to use and, most importantly, will save you time and money.’

At its recent showcase events in the Midlands and London, GT Motive presented its vision for a comprehensive end-to-end offering based on accuracy, efficiency, simplicity and partnerships, with the aim of delivering flexible and cost-saving workflow solutions from FNOL and deployment, through damage estimating and job progress updates, to customer portals and invoicing.

‘We want to help our customers create solutions that work for them,’ said Richard Taylor. ‘Our systems are designed to be agnostic and to fit into the way our customers want to operate and with the software they want to use.’

Meanwhile, GT Motive has said that customers can rest assured there will not be any price increases in the next year.

Richard added, ‘This investment is part and parcel of delivering a flexible and robust software solution, and we would not expect our customers to share that cost through increased prices.’