Growing electric car consumer interest

Sophus3’s analysis of online activity on, and between, car brands’ websites in the UK has revealed some statistics that highlight the growth in electric car consumer interest and the differences in how electric car considerers behave online.

Sophus3’s analysis of over one billion digital interactions on car brand websites in 2018 shows that electric cars are now established as a defined segment. Electric cars are the fourth most searched-for range of models in the UK, and more popular than the established segments of sports cars, city cars and midsize executives. With 5.44 per cent of all visits in 2018, electric cars still fall short of the top three segments, compact, supermini and SUVs.

Sophus3’s analytics don’t just show how many automotive website visitors are viewing the various car segments, but also how potential electric car buyers behave online.

Sophus3 has found that electric car considerers spend over 33% more time on model pages than traditional car researchers. And those booking a test drive request are spending an incredible 70% longer on the model page of their choice than for a traditional car test drive request.

Scott Gairns, Sophus3, managing director, said, ‘We all know that electric car interest is growing, and it’s clear from our analysis that as a segment it is now more popular for online research and interest than sports cars, city cars and even midsize executive cars. But for car brands to exploit this growing interest, it is vital to understand how potential car buyers behave when on electric car sites, what they are looking for and where they have come from.’