Goodyear scoops environmental award

The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has won the Tyre Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence in the category of ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year’ during the 2018 Tyre Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany.

The awarded technology represents a breakthrough by Goodyear in applying soybean oil in the tread compound of tyres, as a replacement for traditional petroleum oil.

Over the past few years, Goodyear worked with the United Soybean Board to develop soy-based technology to enhance tyre performance. Following extensive analysis and road testing, this new technology is now being used in two new Goodyear tyres – the Assurance WeatherReady and the Eagle Enforcer All Weather.

Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer, said, ‘Our work with the United Soybean Board presented a unique challenge and opportunity for our material scientists and tyre engineers to employ soybean oil in the development of superior performing tyres. It is exciting to see that work payoff with commercially successful products, and an honour to be recognised by the industry for the environmental achievement.’

Goodyear discovered that soybean oil could improve tyre flexibility at low temperatures, helping the rubber to remain pliable in cold weather and enhancing traction in rain and snow simultaneously. Additionally, Goodyear discovered that soybean oil mixes more easily with rubber compounds and reduces energy consumption, therefore improving tyre manufacturing efficiency.