Ford Transit named Glass’s Hero

The Ford Transit has been named Glass’s Used Commercial Hero for November 2018.

Each month, Glass’s Commercial Vehicle editors name the current Used Van Hero in the UK market. The model they believe offers versatility, durability and outstanding value for money.

Andy Picton, chief commercial vehicle editor, ‘When traders need a new van, they often say they need a Transit, the Ford brand is synonymous with those needing to shift loads. For over 50 years the Transit has provided sterling service and is recognised as the ‘go to’ van for millions of businesses.’

The MK1 Ford Transit, first produced in the UK at Ford’s Southampton and Langley plants in October 1965, created a brand name in the UK that became the common noun for light commercial vehicles across the UK.

The Transit has a strong following, from both large fleets to self-employed contractors with vehicles able to deal with demanding customer requirements.