Fix Auto Deepcut enters roaring forties

Fix Auto Deepcut is celebrating 40 years in business. 

The company is run by Steve Knight, but originally, it was his parents Brian and Brenda Knight who started the Surrey-based business back in May 1978.

To mark the occasion, the Knights are hosting a family-themed party for employees and customers old and new.

Brian said, ‘Where has the time gone? It’s incredible to think, here we are today, 40 years on, and the business is continuing to go from strength-to-strength. I have to admit for the last 10 years, it’s been in the safe of hands of our son, Steve, and the team around him. Hosting a party to celebrate the milestone is the least we can do as a thank you for all their effort, hard work and loyalty over the years.

‘I look back now, and I still can’t believe what we have achieved, as a family and as a team. I was a freelance panel beater having learned the trade working for my father. When I eventually started on my own, he said I’d never succeed – I think that was his way of trying to get me back to work for him and yet the business is here and going so well.

‘I know there are a lot of repairers out there that started out from modest beginnings, but we literally started with nothing. In fact, I actually borrowed the money off my first client in order to repair his car. It was a Jaguar E-Type and I used the money to pay for the parts. He happened to be my bank manager, so the pressure was on.’

Fix Auto Deepcut – formerly Deepcut Garage, has two sister sites. One is purposely built for mechanical repairs and servicing and repairs up to 90 vehicles a week.

Ian Pugh, of Fix Auto UK, commented, ‘I have great memories of working with Brian and Brenda during my time as an engineer. They always welcomed me with a smile and had such enthusiasm for the trade, which has clearly rubbed off onto Steve and the entire team. I am pleased to see the business continually succeed and grow. Forty years in business is a fine achievement.’