EVs to support renewable energy

According to New Civil Engineer, electric cars will support the UKs move to renewable energy by storing excess generation, a National Grid report has found.

The Future Energy reported stated that smart charging infrastructure and vehicle-to-grid technology can support the decarbonisation of electricity.

There could be as many as 36 million EVs on the roads by 2040, however the increase in demand for electricity could be as little as 8GW. Cars can support the rollout of renewables by storing low carbon generation and providing electricity back to the grid when needed, it said.

The report stated, ‘From 2030, particularly in the more decarbonised scenarios, we anticipate times where there may be an excess of electricity.

‘This is because electricity output from inflexible and intermittent generation will outstrip demand and at times it will not be possible to export this electricity, as connected markets will have the same excess as Britain.’

The report further claimed that to make these new technologies operational, new designing and operating networks will need to be addressed and constructed.