EV peer review website launch

Electriccarexperts.com (ECE) launch a peer review platform enabling electric car owners to share their real-life experiences with EV buyers.

This is the first platform to offer peer reviews and forums to help answer real questions being asked of this fast-growing market sector.

Founder and editor Peter Hilton stated, ‘The idea for ECE came from fulfilling a need. I wanted to find out more about electric cars and hybrid vehicles and was disappointed that I was unable to find real-life reviews from owners and users of the vehicles. Having done extensive research I decided that if potential buyers were to be encouraged to make the leap to an electric car then the most powerful way is through peer reviews. We aim to be the TripAdvisor of the Electric Vehicle world’.

With electric car news, reviews, useful guides and forums aimed at electric car owners and potential owners ElectricCarExperts.com provides a platform for sharing experiences and advice regarding electric and hybrid vehicles. Marie Kennedy, cofounder and technical director added, ‘ECE is a mobile first, feature rich platform with great interactive features. Members can add ratings and real-life reviews, comments, form interest groups, follow their peers and contribute in forum Q&As’.

The electric and hybrid car market is the fastest growing sector of the UK market. In March 2018 the new vehicle registration of electric and hybrid cars was up 15.7% over the same period in 2017.