EMaC launches Self Serve

EMaC has launched its new ‘Self-Serve’ facility.

EMaC Self-Serve is powered by GForces, a provider of digital solutions and software. This new platform allows consumers to purchase service plans 24 hours a day, online, via the dealer or OEM website of their choice. With consumers showing an increased appetite for making purchases online, this easy-to-use facility will make the purchase of a service plan extremely accessible and convenient. 

The Self-Serve facility can be embedded into a dealership’s existing website with no need for extra ‘pop-out’ windows, making it easy to integrate within the consumers online purchase path. Dealers and OEMs can also control the look and feel of the landing page, with support from EMaC offering best practice advice on how to keep consumers engaged. 

Consumers simply complete an easy five-step journey online, entering their details to receive a tailored quote bespoke to their vehicles servicing requirements.

John O’Donnell of EMaC explained, ‘With the launch of the ‘Self-Serve’ facility, we’re making Service Plans even more accessible to dealers and their consumers alike. Crucially, the light-touch IT resource requirement means that ‘Self-Serve’ fits seamlessly into an existing dealer website, making implementation both inexpensive and easy.’