Education not prosecution for speeding

A recent survey conducted by GEM Motoring Assist shows overwhelming support among road users for speed awareness courses and other schemes which offer drivers a learning opportunity as an alternative to prosecution.

More than 2,500 people completed the survey during March 2018. Of these, just over 74% said they believed that participation in the National Speed Awareness Course was a good idea, as an alternative to prosecution.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said, ‘We welcome the research published today (14 April) by the Department for Transport, which shows that the targeting the behaviour of motorists through these courses reduced the likelihood of reoffending by up to 23%.

‘No one will feel positive when a speeding ticket arrives, but those who have the chance to attend one of these courses have an opportunity to take a look at their own behaviour in a positive and non-judgemental environment.’

Although GEM supports education over enforcement for low-level motoring offences, the organisation wishes to promote a proactive attitude to safety – and that includes staying within speed limits at all times.