DVSA 2018 recall

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) April report has resulted in thousands of vehicles being recalled.

According to Honest John, Volkswagen has issued a recall for thousands of cars including Beetles, Passats, Golfs, Tiguans, Audis and SEATS due to a faulty starter motor which can overheat and become a fire hazard.

Furthermore, nearly 5000 Ford Fiestas have been recalled because they may have been fitted with a brake booster which could have a faulty diaphragm plate. This fault can lead to a loss of servo assistance.

BMW has also been forced to recall their X3 SUV because of a rear spoiler issue. The rear spoiler has a risk of not being attached properly and could result in it detaching while the vehicle is moving at high speeds.

Additionally, over 6000 vehicles, including the Suzuki Baleno, Ignis and Switft, have been recalled for an engine software fault that could result in the battery failing to charge and the engine to stall.