Drivers uncomfortable switching to EV

According to new research commissioned by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), 82% of drivers feel they don’t know enough about electric vehicles to wave goodbye to their petrol/diesel. Two thirds (66%) said they wouldn’t know where to find a charging point and nearly a third say they will never change to electric.

This should be troubling news for government, which has set itself a target of 2040 for a complete ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles. Londoners appear to be the most unsure about electric vehicle range, yet are the most confident about owning an electric vehicle.  Worryingly, London drivers also seemed to have the most confidence about doing basic repairs on an electric vehicle, which could have potentially fatal consequences.

Steve Nash, chief executive at the IMI, said, ‘Range anxiety is one of the main reasons drivers are put off making the switch. Yet the IMI found that people’s weekly mileage is between 60-100 miles, which means that most drivers could actually make the switch to an ultra-low emission vehicle and would only need to charge their car once a week.’