Drivers could save on MOT repairs’s new MOT repairs calculator could save drivers £1.8bn.

The calculator has launched in time for the new MOT test changes which come into effect on 20 May 2018. Drivers will be able find out how much various MOT repairs will cost in their local area.

The new MOT test changes include how car defects are classified, in three categories; dangerous, major and minor – with dangerous and major defects resulting in an immediate MOT test fail. These defects render the car illegal to drive in the UK and will need to be repaired and retested before the driver can drive it on the road again.

Diesel cars will be targeted more under the new rules, with a focus on pollution and emissions. Instead of visually checking the diesel particulate filter, mechanics will need to remove and examine it to determine whether it passes, and diesel cars that do not have one or have tampered with it will incur an automatic fail. A car exhaust that emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’ will also be issued with a major fault and will fail the test.

MOT testers will focus more on steering systems, lights and brake pads, with a steering box leak, worn brake pads and blown out bulbs all resulting in a test fail.

The new MOT laws will put more pressure on motorists to have any unsafe defects repaired either instantly if the vehicle has failed the test or quickly if advisories or minors have been given.