DIY drivers on the decrease

New research has revealed that two thirds of UK drivers have never attempted to repair their own vehicles.

ClickMechanic has found that 64% of motorists have not tried their hand at car repairs and of those who have, one third of the work is regretted with the driver wishing they had hired an expert instead. This apparent lack of confidence in car repairs emphasises the increasing demand for technicians, and the low success rate of those who attempt a repair stresses the need to hire a professional, should the motorist feel uncertain of the process.

Comparing genders, women are much more likely to avoid repairing the car themselves; 82% admit to never dealing with a fault, as opposed to 48% of men. However, while a smaller percentage of women have attempted a repair, they are slightly more likely to be pleased with the results as the five per cent which regret their actions makes up for a lower proportion of those which have made repairs (28%) compared to the 18% (35%) of men.

In terms of age, the older generation are less likely to try their hand at car repairs; 70% of those aged over 55 have avoided the task, compared to 63% of those aged between 35-54 and 58% of those aged 18-34. That said, younger drivers are more than twice as likely to regret a repair when compared to their elders. Looking only at those who attempted a repair, the 24% which are aged between 18-34 and regret the work is much higher proportionally speaking (57%), than the eight per cent of the alternative age groups.

Andrew Jervis, co-founder of ClickMechanic, said, ‘Due to the complexity of modern car design, more and more motorists are less confident when it comes to the mechanics. While one third of UK motorists have attempted a repair, a third of those admit to regretting the results, which emphasises the advanced skill set and knowledge now needed, even for everyday jobs. Car mechanics can still be learned, yet the engineering is not as simple as it used to be; if you feel unsure of a repair, use ClickMechanic to find a professional for you rather than facing a more expensive bill down the line.’