Delivery fleets essential for electric vans

Success with parcel delivery fleets is going to be ‘essential’ to the success of electric vans, according to Arval.

Simon Cook, LCV leader, said that electric commercial vehicles closely fitted the operational profile of these fleets and should become a key part of their future.

He explained, ‘The current limitations of ECVs – which surround range and weight of payload – do not really apply to parcel delivery fleets operating in urban environments.

‘Certainly, we are seeing courier, home shopping and parcel delivery operations become the main early adopters. A number of these fleets are operating vehicles, essentially on a trial basis. How they perform over the coming months is going to be the key to whether ECVs become a serious fleet proposition.’

Simon believes that it remains essential that the electric vans on offer continue to be developed intensively by manufacturers, especially when it comes to hybrid technology.