Dealers struggle meeting September targets

Brand new 68 plate cars are flooding into the market for sale as second-hand vehicles as dealers struggle to meet September registration targets. reports that within days of the September 18 plate launch hundreds of brand new cars were turned into ‘instant used cars’ for sale on their site.

Although pre-registered vehicles commonly appear during the same month as a new plate’s release, analysts reported that the 68 plate appeared unusually quick as a used car.

As the number of brand new ‘used cars’ grows, it is likely that heavy discounts are on the way, promising bargains for buyers.

A new registration plate always brings tough new car sale targets for dealers from car makers, but this month market conditions are unusually difficult.

Two new problems have been squeezing dealers this month – a general reduction in new car sales during 2018 plus the effect of a ‘fire sale’ last month which tempted thousands of customers to buy a new car in August instead of waiting for the new plate.

Austin Collins, managing director of, said, ‘We always see cars being registered by dealers before there is a customer to buy them but what has been unusual this year is how quickly this has happened in a new plate month.’