Daish’s Holidays partnered with TruTac

Daish’s Holidays partnered with TruTac for its tacho analysis and fleet support software.

Daish’s Holidays annual report showed a 50% reduction in driver infringements, and improved compliance control.

The company had previously been using a system from a transport association but found it to be slow and disjointed to operate. Therefore, they switched to TruTac to take advantage of a suite of software which combine data reporting with speed and ease of use.

TruTac’s software has been designed and developed in conjunction with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) and is specific for the PSV industry.

‘We use CPT Tacho Analysis, CPT Daily Checks and TruLicence,’ said transport manager, Bryan Maddern. ‘We have 19 of our 23 coaches hooked up to the system using TruTac’s remote downloading boxes and ‘next-day’ reporting of all key information at our fingertips all the time.’

According to Bryan, driver infringements have been halved and all performance-related issues can be immediately addressed using easy-to-retrieve information.