Dacia passes five million milestone

Dacia has just passed the milestone of five million vehicles sold since 2004 in all markets.

In less than 15 years, Dacia has gone from a single model to a range of six cars sticking to its principles to always offer the best value and most affordable cars on the market.

The popularity of the brand globally is reflected in another record-breaking year in 2017 with the Sandero ranking first in sales to retail customers in Europe; volumes up 12% to 655,000 units; and 25 Dacia countries achieving volume or market share records in 2017.

According to François Mariotte, sales and marketing director, Dacia; ‘Dacia fits perfectly into new consumption patterns where customers decide to buy ‘less but better’. They are choosing more durable, quality goods, paid for at the right price and without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. This is a major trend that can be observed in other sectors such as furniture, air transport and clothing. Dacia is the only car manufacturer to respond to this trend and thus enable millions of customers to enjoy buying a new and reliable vehicle at an unbeatable price.’