Copart’s engineers achieve AQP status

Copart UK have announced that all 32 of its engineers have successfully passed the IAEA’s vehicle salvage competency assessment to achieve an Appropriately Qualified Person (AQP) status, 15 months ahead of the deadline.

The Code of Practice for the Categorisation of Motor Vehicle Salvage was updated on 1 October 2017, 10 years after it was last reviewed. Alongside changes to categorisation codes, a minimum qualification requirement was established for all engineers responsible for determining salvage categories to pass a competency-based assessment run by the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA), to identify them as an AQP.

The new requirement, whereby only an AQP has the authority to categorise vehicle salvage, comes into effect in October 2019.

Russell England, engineering service manager said, ‘Since the new requirement was announced in October 2017, we have worked closely with the IAEA and independent training company PAAS Ltd to ensure that our engineers are given the necessary training and support to achieve this qualification. I am delighted to announce that all 32 of our engineers have passed successfully, significantly ahead of the 2019 deadline date.’