Connected Solutions raises £27,200

Industry Insights, and the team and partners behind Connected Solutions, have raised £27,200 for AutoRaise by taking part in the two-day REAL Rally in north Wales.

On their tour of North Wales as part of the Real Rally 2018 – thanks to ThingCo – supporters were able to track driver and Thompson senior, Dave Thompson, and chief mechanic, co-pilot and camera man, Steve Thompson. The vehicle was fully kitted out with a ThingCo device providing live, real time location, speed, acceleration and braking data direct from the car.

While the Porsche Budgeteers’ antics of Steve and his father, Dave, raised an impressive £7,200, the collective effort of 11 Connected Solutions Partners – a total of 12 vehicles – raised a record-smashing £27,200.

Steve Thompson, managing director, Industry Insights, said, ‘I am personally blown away by this. The generosity and support from all who have donated, for what we are doing, is just fantastic.

‘A massive thanks to my Dad, who spared my life in the end with his car thief style driving! We made memories for sure, which seals an all round great week! Thanks all.’