CitNOW promotes Sarah Sylvester

CitNOW has appointed Sarah Sylvester as its new head of customer service, as the video technology reinforces its customer-led approach.

An internal appointment, Sarah’s new role follows four years with CitNOW, where she was previously UK sales manager and subsequently head of business development.

Sarah will lead a focussed programme that ensures CitNOW customers receives the highest levels of customer service at every stage of implementing and using automotive video.

CitNOW’s proactive customer service team will be on hand via the dedicated call centre to handle sales delivery and onboarding, as well as all other customer queries.

The internal appointment of Sarah arrives alongside several changes to the business, with CitNOW introducing a new branding, website and strategy aimed at delivering enhanced customer service to automotive video users.

Sarah commented, ‘As the company that invented automotive video, we’ve got a clear strategy in place to ensure that using CitNOW technology is never anything less than rewarding.

‘Putting the needs of our customers at the forefront of our minds at all times is how we’ve achieved continued success to date, and our new policies are a solid foundation for the promising chapter ahead.’