Changes to Uber London

Uber London has recently made changes to their app to tell passengers their drivers are licensed by Transport for London (TfL). The new changes also assign drivers after it accepts the request for rides.

Before, Uber’s app would say a driver was being found. Now, the app will let the passenger know that TfL has accredited their driver, and will provide detailed information including the driver’s name, photo, car registration and private hire license number.

In February, Uber stated that drivers will only be able to work with their licensed region as a private hire driver. Among other changes, Uber has decided to limit drivers’ hours and have also pledged to report crimes directly to police.

Currently, Uber is appealing TfL’s decision to withdraw its operating licence and has an appeal hearing in June. Additionally, this week Uber was re-launched in Barcelona after being forced to shut down for using unlicensed drivers. The new service, however, will only use licensed drivers.