Car makers offer military discounts

The UK’s car makers have been praised for recognising the contribution of those who have served their country in the armed forces.

Most major motor manufacturers have generously agreed to offer special discounts to current and retired military personnel and their family in acknowledgment of their service.

Steve Thornton, managing director of Forces Cars Direct, commended the altruistic principle behind these schemes and said that because the concessions are offered discreetly, the car giants do not get the credit they deserve.

As an ex-serviceman himself – having served in the army for five years, including a tour in Iraq  – Steve is particularly touched by the fact that car manufacturers are willing to offer discounts to those who have given exceptional service.

‘When we speak to these manufacturers to broker deals, it’s really heart-warming to know that they care about the individual buying the car,’ Steve said, ‘It’s tempting, I think, for some people to see car giants as just like other corporations, but the fact is that they are made up of people who are happy to recognise the good work done by others. It makes my job extremely rewarding: I get to see both sides – people’s generosity and the impact it has for customers. These schemes aren’t well known, because the companies haven’t been bragging about their good work.’

In the US such schemes are common and they are gaining more traction in the UK, with the car industry leading the way. Forces Cars Direct is the UK’s biggest broker of bespoke car deals, supplying more than 20,000 cars to people from the army, navy, royal airforce and MOD.