cap hpi valuation within AEG 4.1

Audatex has been working with cap hpi to make a number of product enhancements to the cap hpi valuations feature, to deliver its valuation data, automatically, within Audaenterprisegold.

To maintain its high-level service offering, cap hpi retail transacted valuations for both car and light commercial vehicles are included as a standard feature for repairers within AEG 4.1.

cap hpi provides highly accurate, real-time data on 125,971 vehicles, effectively 97% of the UK car parc. The data is continually updated as new information becomes available and saves valuable time and repair costs for repairers.

cap hpi valuations are trusted by the industry for its precision, validity and credibility, and will deliver the most accurate reflection of market values. The feature presents repairers with a final sale price that can be used as a balance against repair costs, enabling a speedy and informed ‘write-off versus repair’ decision.