Broach Hill gets the Phil good factor

Phil Nendick of Broach Hill Garage has just been named Citroen Vehicle Damage Assessor of the Year 2018 via Audatex.

Phil won the award out of more than 200 VDAs, but wasn’t even aware he was entering. He had only gone to attend his annual Audatex accreditation. But having completed the course and answered the questions at the end – as well as a few additional questions – he was named the winner.

Neil Staff, general manager, said, ‘Phil is very good and thorough at what he does. He tries to get estimates done right first time in a challenging industry. It is great for Broach Hill as a business because we are always looking to promote ourselves. We continue daily to attract new work provision and hopefully this might help us do that with insurers knowing they have a good estimator/assessor at one of their approved bodyshops.’

Neil added, ‘We are a family run business and pride ourselves on doing quality repairs and hopefully making the customer experience a good one.’