Brits still want pavement parking

A majority of Brits are against a UK wide pavement parking ban despite a possible major shake-up by the government which could see it being forced on them.

The survey by online parking portal reveals that 55% of respondents don’t want to stop motorists from being able to park their cars on a pavement.

At present the rules say that it is only illegal in London to park on a pavement, although it is grey area for the rest of the UK as you can still get a fine in some circumstances.

However, the Department for Transport is considering a review of current traffic legislation which could make the whole of the UK the same as London.

The survey also revealed some of the reasons why motorists park on a pavement, with almost a quarter of the 500 people who took part in the survey saying they had done so to stop their car from blocking the road.

However, some of those in favour of a pavement parking ban would like to see hefty fines and harsh punishments given to those caught, with almost 1 in 3 supporting a fine of £50 or less.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said, ‘This is a very surprising result as it appears that a majority of Brits do not want to see a nationwide ban.

‘It could be that for some motorists it might be their only option, especially if they want to avoid blocking the road, but there is also the issue of the inconvenience that parking a car on a pavement can cause to pedestrians by obstructing their route.’