bodyshop Event sponsor interview – IBIS

Here we catch up with one of our Event and Awards sponsors, IBIS’ CEO Jason Moseley, who tells us what he is looking forward to about the event.


What are you most looking forward to about the UK event?

Recognition and kudos are so important to ensuring we retain talent in our sector and provide a platform that new entrants can aspire too. It is with excitement we bring our international IBIS brand to the UK, so that we join the dots and start to help solve an almost global issue.

How has the UK Event & Awards benefited you in previous years?

The UK Event & Awards is the longest standing and most prestigious UK collision repair event on the calendar. Collaborating with our sister brand was a no brainer for IBIS, we felt the time was right to give something back to the highly skilled and dedicated UK bodyshop professionals.

What experience does the event provide?

IBIS wants to share the fact that the UK is part of a massive multibillion pound industry globally, with most markets wrestling with the image of the sector. Together with BE2018 we want to make some first steps in the UK to contributing to improving that image, leveraging the platform for ourselves to be better informed, creating an overall benefit to the industry as a whole.