Bodyshop charity partner interview – AutoRaise

AutoRaise continues to be a proud charity partner the bodyshop Event & Awards 2018. Here, we speak to Bob Linwood, AutoRaise CEO, about what he thinks about the event.


What are you most looking forward to about the UK event?

I have been attending this event pretty much every year for goodness knows how long and always look forward to meeting my ‘industry friends and family’, flicking through the attendee list and marking all of those people I’d like to catch up with. It is one of the very few opportunities to chat with those that you just don’t get the chance or find the time to see throughout the rest of the year; everyone’s so busy these days and it seems this year more than ever.


How has the UK Event & Awards benefited you in previous years?

From a business perspective, especially in recent years, the event has allowed AutoRaise a stage to continue spreading the word and engaging with all stakeholders within the industry about the work the charity is doing and how it can help repairers across the country address their skills crisis. Many opportunities have arisen from attending this event. On the personal side, I have never (and I mean never) been more proud to have stood on the stage at Twickenham in 2016, shaking hands with Will Carling and accepting the Outstanding Achievement Award. It has pride of place in my office and even my wife hasn’t asked me to take it up in to the attic!


What experience does the event provide?

To have the opportunity to engage with so many people in the industry in such a focussed, bodyshop-centric environment is guilt-edged for me. In such a busy market and with so many people around the industry that I need to discuss AutoRaise with, being able to pick them off at this event is hugely rewarding and very cost-effective. It’s also the prefect way to introduce your team members, especially new ones, to key industry people and to get a taste for the whole industry vibe. In the past, colleagues have been taken back by what they have described as a ‘big industry family’, with everyone knowing everyone. That’s one of the things I love about our industry!


Would it be possible to receive a little hint or teaser as to what your stand will be?

We recently launched the Affiliated Repairer initiative and I really hope all of the repairers who attend during the day are able to come to our stand and talk to us about how we can help them address their own skills issues. Many of the industry’s leading repairers are committing to the programme and with daily requests from repairers to help them find young people for their businesses, this is a great opportunity to find out more about our range of services.