bodyshop charity partner interview – Ben

Ben is a proud charity partner of the bodyshop Event & Awards 2018. Here, we speak to Leila Moss, Ben corporate communications manager, about what she is looking forward to at the event.


What are you most looking forward to about the bodyshop Event & Awards?
The event is always a fantastic way for us to raise awareness about Ben to people in the industry, to make sure they know that we are here for them if they need help through life’s challenges. It’s also a way to promote the work we do and show how the industry can support us, to keep our life-changing work running.

How has the Event & Awards benefited you in previous years?
The event is great for networking opportunities, as well as being the ideal platform for us to talk to automotive industry people about Ben and how we can help them with all aspects of their health and well-being.

What experience does the event provide?
It’s a sociable, enjoyable event which encourages networking and celebrates successes.

Would it be possible to receive a little hint or teaser as to what your stand will be?

Our stand will be the place to get all the latest information about Ben, including how we support people with their mental health and well-being.