Beware of ghost broking scams

Following the release of the IFB survey conducted with YouGov into suspicious car insurance adverts on social media, Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is warning drivers of the dangers of falling victim to a ghost broking scam.

A third of people surveyed admitted they didn’t know how to check if they were being offered legitimate car insurance, potentially leaving themselves open to the risks of driving uninsured.

Anna Fleming, chief operating officer at MIB said, ‘It’s a major concern that people could be driving without insurance, with no awareness whatsoever. Only discovering your policy is fake after an accident could be devastating, as you could face the cost of claims for any injuries and the bill to fix the other person’s vehicle, which could spiral.

‘If you have purchased from a ghost broker your policy will be completely worthless, as if it didn’t even exist. You might think it’s worth chancing it but any money you might have saved on what looked like a good deal will pale in comparison to the price you’d pay after an accident.’