Axalta adds brand names

Axalta is introducing brand names for the principal coating layers supplied to its customers that manufacture light vehicles and automotive plastic parts.

It believes the addition of names will make it easier for customers to understand Axalta’s product offerings in this key segment of the coatings industry as well as to differentiate better the company’s technologies in the marketplace.

Four coating layers will be named in the new brand taxonomy. Axalta’s primers will be known as HyperDur, a name designed to convey optimised film smoothness and adhesion properties. A special pre-coat known as HyperDyne will be the designation for the foundation layer used in Axalta’s 3-Wet waterborne and solventborne Harmonized Coating Systems that enable wet-on-wet application of the primer, basecoat and clearcoat layer. Axalta’s leading basecoat colours will fall under the brand name ChromaDyne, connoting an array of chromatic attributes and effects.

Finally, Axalta’s range of clearcoats, offering the ultimate in finish protection, gloss and appearance, will be known as Lumeera.

Steven Markevich, Axalta executive vice president and president, transportation coatings and greater China, said, ‘As we build the Axalta brand, it is important we capture the value our durable paint layers provide as they perform consistently under the toughest road and weather conditions and continually appeal to car buyers. This taxonomy will help us communicate with customers and allow us to introduce new products in memorable ways.’