AW Repair new appointment

AW Repair Group has announced a new human resources manager to the team: Jackie Buckthorpe.

Jackie Buckthorpe has joined AW Repair Group with 18 years’ experience in the retail sector and is excited to bring a host of new personnel activities to the company.

‘In my previous role I have been responsible for talent spotting, upskilling and working with individuals to maximise their personal development and career progress,’ said Jackie. ‘I am very much looking forward to working with apprentices and developing their career path as well as boosting the skill set of individuals seeking new opportunities with AW Repair Group as the company continues to grow.’

Jackie will also be developing schemes to strengthen retention, succession and has a keen interest in behavioural science.

Jackie will be taking over from Kim who will be returning to the accounts department full time as payroll manager including pensions and benefits.