Aviva and Volvo safety awareness

During July and August, Aviva – in conjunction with Volvo and Thatcham – held two technical events at its claims centres in Norwich and Glasgow to raise vehicle safety and product awareness amongst its claims teams.

The purpose of the events was to raise staff awareness to the ever-changing complexity of modern motor vehicles. It allowed handlers to see first-hand how different vehicle safety systems play such an important role in occupant and pedestrian safety, along with helping them to gain an understanding of the ever-changing materials used in vehicle construction.

This approach has given claims handlers the awareness to make the correct remedy decisions on day one as to whether a vehicle is repairable or not. But it also highlighted the importance of using the correct researched repair methods as a key element of repairing vehicles appropriately and safely.

Robert Slesser, Aviva’s national engineer manager, said, ‘We ran a similar event at our  Norwich Claims Centre in 2016 and it was so successful that we decided this year to repeat it – not  only in Norwich, but at our Bodily Injury Centre in Glasgow. We have over 500 members of staff in claims and engineering in Norwich, with a further 400 staff in Glasgow, so reaching so many of our people was extremely beneficial. The event overall was an outstanding success.’

From the feedback that was received from both sessions, many claims handlers have stated that they have a better understanding of what an ADAS system does, how the materials being used in modern vehicle construction transfer impact energy around the vehicle structure to protect the occupants, and how the materials used in the vehicles’ pedestrian safety zones work to reduce serious bodily injury.

A common theme that emerged during the sessions was that researched repair methods must be used when it comes to undertaking appropriate and safe body repairs. Aviva’s handlers now have a better understanding and awareness of how modern vehicle safety systems work.