AutoRaise’s VDA Standard now approved

AutoRaise has announced that the Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA) Standard has now been approved and published by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

Indra Nauth head of engagement – education and learners at AutoRaise said, ‘We’re pleased to have supported the Trailblazer Group led by Chris Oliver, managing director at Fix Auto Dagenham to develop the Standard, manage the consultation with industry and work with the IfA and employers to get to this point.’

At present, there is no apprenticeship framework for a VDA, meaning that anyone wishing to undertake this role has to learn on the job and then when ready, after a minimum of three years, undertake an industry professional qualification to confirm knowledge. This route provides practical knowledge over a number of years but doesn’t provide a structured approach to learning and development of skills alongside development of practical skills – which is what the new Standard will do.

Set at level four, equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree and anticipated to take up to three years to achieve, this Standard recognises the importance of the VDA role within the sector and sets the bar at a level to reflect this.

AutoRaise know that there is huge demand for this apprenticeship Standard in the vehicle collision repair sector, both from the number of organisations engaging in the consultation but also from the enquiries that it has had about this Standard.