AutoRaise reach out to repairers

AutoRaise are reaching out to all repairers in the UK to make contact with the charity so they can inform them about young people looking for employers to start them on an apprenticeship.

Additionally, AutoRaise are ready to issue its draft Standard for the new Vehicle Damage Assessor Apprenticeship, which can be found on its website.

More importantly, the charity already has 500 young people they are communicating with about apprenticeships in the industry, many of whom are already on level 1 or level 2 paint/body courses and are looking for employers.

‘Through conversations with those repairers that we are already engaged with, we appreciate and understand that repairers around the UK are excruciatingly busy at the moment,’ explained Bob Linwood, CEO of AutoRaise. ‘We therefore want to make it really easy for Repairers to get in touch and start the process of AutoRaise helping them and at the same time, help themselves to sustain our industry.’