AutoRaise become an AAO

AutoRaise have announced that they have gained approval from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to become an Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation (AAO).

AutoRaise have gathered a consortium who can develop the End Point Assessment (EPA) for the Multi-skilled Accident Repair Technician Apprenticeship Standard. The Standard was approved in 2016 and enrolments and delivery have been ongoing from late 2017. There are currently over 130 apprentices enrolled on the programme.

‘In our D-elivery Day events which took place earlier this year, those attending from the training provider community asked whether we would take the lead on becoming an Approved Assessment Organisation (AAO),’ commented Indra Nauth, AutoRaise’ head of engagement for education and learners. ‘After much deliberation and as no other organisations had come forward, we took the monumental decision to apply to become an approved assessment organisation. We are delighted to have achieved this accolade and genuinely believe that this will stimulate even more interest in the Multi-skilled apprenticeship from all sectors of the industry”.

Working with their partners Auto Industry Consulting Ltd and AH Associates, AutoRaise have developed an approach that is consistent with other AAOs in the sector. The consortium will take the lead on development of both the practical and theory elements of the EPA and will maintain responsibility for administration and quality of delivery of each EPA. It will then work with interested organisations or test centres who will provide delivery.