Autonomous cars in London by 2021

Taxi firm Addison Lee has partnered with Oxbotica to offer self-driving vehicles in London by 2021.

Addison Lee has stated that it is working with Oxbotica on digitally mapping public roads in and out of London. To prepare for the self-driving vehicles, these maps will record traffic lights, roads signs and the position of curbs.

Addison boss Andy Boland said it hopes to offer shared minibus shuttles to passengers, to use to get to work, to study or to the airport.

Andy Boland, head of Addison, said the technology would help the company ‘address congestion, free space used for parking and improve urban air quality.’

The industry is forecasted to be worth £28bn in the UK by 2035. Andy hope that his company will lead this technological shift to autonomous vehicles.

Addison Lee’s decision to launch autonomous cars in London will result in direct competition to Uber, who also has plans to release driverless vehicles.

Other companies are also investing in the technology and progress of autonomous vehicles, for example General Motors, Bosch, Ford, General Motors, and Daimler.