Audatex clarifies price changes

Audatex has issued a statement to customers in a bid to clarify its price changes.

The price increase of 3.5%, which is inline with inflation, will be implemented from 1 July 2018 across the Audatex core product offer and will allow the business to continue to invest in the development of its solutions.

David Shepherd, regional managing director, Audatex UK & Africa Ltd, said, ‘Over the past 12 months we have continued to invest in the development of our solutions and have worked with our customers to deliver additional value and efficiency savings through Audaenterprisegold 4.0 and 4.1; helping save time, improve accuracy and shorten key-to-key times.

‘To allow us to continue to invest in the development of our solutions and in-line with UK inflation rates, effective 1 July 2018, we will be implementing a price increase, across the Audatex core product offering. The 3.5% increase will apply to the follow products: Global Claims Assessments, Mace and HGV assessments; and Software and Solutions Fee.’

David continued, ‘The increase covers a multitude of product enhancements and innovation, one of which is the cost inclusion of cap hpi valuations and data, giving users the most accurate vehicle valuations to support ‘write off versus repair’ modelling. This data will now show as an integrated feature within Audaenterprisegold, an added benefit of Audatex and cap hpi working together as part of Solera UK Group.’

All customers will be contacted directly by Audatex to detail the changes.