AkzoNobel prioritizes speed and flexibility

AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes has launched an innovation in response to the bodyshop market’s need for speed and flexibility.

Sikkens Autoclear Aerodry aims, ‘To maximise productivity and profits, a bodyshop’s operation has to be fast and flexible,’ explained Ed Hilborne, AkzoNobel’s global segment manager vehicle refinishes.

Spray booth availability challenges are a fact of life for bodyshops, which Autoclear Aerodry has been developed to help solve. To free up space for another job, businesses can roll out the previous vehicle or panel after a five-minute flash-off and leave it to air dry for 45 minutes. If meeting a tight deadline is the problem, bodyshops can opt for a five-minute bake at 60°C.

‘It’s all about releasing bodyshop profits with a more flexible workflow,’ said Mick Finch, AkzoNobel’s UK and Ireland technical coordinator ‘Autoclear Aerodry gives you the power to decide which method best fits your needs as you plan your jobs each day. What’s more, it maximises your process efficiency thanks to time, energy and labour savings throughout the repair cycle.’

For added flexibility there are two hardeners available to use with Autoclear Aerodry. One-stop application, with no need for flash-offs between coats, can be possible when working on multiple panels. Polishing can be quick and effortless too, so that key-to-key times can be minimised.

Mick concluded, ‘There are substantial energy savings to be made by ambient drying, but rapid baking options mean you can meet your deadlines on time-critical work. Both the environment and your business will gain sustainability benefits from this flexible solution.’